Minimum and Maximum Distance Between Two Columns

Minimum and Maximum Distance Between Two Columns ?


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Basically, Today we will discus that what should be the minimum and maximum Spacing Between two Column and what are the conditions on which depend the ” Minimum and Maximum Distance Between Two Columns“.


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First of All, You need to know


Minimum and Maximum Distance Between Two Columns

What is the column to column distance or spacing?



Distance Between Two Columns
Distance Between Two Columns


So, As shown in Pic. 


In a building the distance between of any two parallel column is called “Spacing of Column” got it.


Now,what are the conditions of Maximum and Minimum Distance and Spacing of Column?




There are different types of conditions on which Column Distance or Spacing depend as following:-


1). Location Of Beam


It means  the total load of slab is transferred through the beam and beam to column, so it it a important criteria to fix the distance of column as per beam location and beam load.


2). Total Load on The Structure


 Column Spacing also depend on the total load of a building like dead load & live load etc.


3). Architectural Appearance


It is a very important factor on which column spacing mostly depend,and  usually this question is also asked in the interview.


4). The Slab Span


Column distance and spacing is also depend on the Span of the Slab  means length of the slab,it is also an important factor.


5). Type of Structure


Column Spacing is also depend on  that which type of structure you have to build,it’s a load bearing Structure or framed structure.


For More Details on Types Of Structure Click Here


6). Depends on Basement


Basement of any Building Structure is also an important factor which play an important role in the spacing of column because it also depends on which type of basement you have to built .If you need an extra space in basement like parking etc. so you need to be built  columns in maximum spacing or distance.So, it is also an important factor.


So, These are the 6 Important Factors on which the “Distance” and “Spacing” of a column in building is totally depends.


But Minimum and Maximum Distance Between Two Columns As on Practical basis,


The Minimum Spacing or Distance between two column should not be less than 2.5 Meter. It Must be 2.5 Meter minimum distance.




Maximum Spacing & Distance of two Columns Should not be less than 7.5 meter.


However,You can take a Maximum distance or spacing  of two column is anything

Where special different conditions to be applied.


But Generally ,These Maximum and minimum distance or spacing of column Criteria should be apply.


So, I Hope now your doubts has been clear regarding the Minimum and Maximum Distance Between Two Columns.


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