Best Method to calculate Bricks in 1 Cubic Feet

Bricks in 1 Cubic Feet


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Basically today I am going to tell you that How to check that there is 13.5 Bricks in 1 Cubic Feet Means If you have a Volume of 1 feet than how it will consumed 13.5 bricks.


So, today I will prove that In 1 cubic feet volume there is 13.5 bricks will be consumed.


So first of all You need to know, What is the standard size of a Regular used Red Clay brick


Bricks in 1 Cubic Feet
Bricks in 1 Cubic Feet


So, Dimensions  of a brick is given below :-


Length of a Standard size Brick = 9”


Width of a standard size brick =  4.5 “


Height or thickness of a standard size of brick =  3”


This is the size of our regular bricks.


But when we laid bricks in masonry we used  a cement sand mortar for masonry .So Always remembers that the


 Bricks in 1 Cubic Feet
Bricks in 1 Cubic Feet


Thickness of Mortar = 0.08”


Now it comes on Proof


Proof of 13.5 brick in 1 cubic feet




First calculate the volume of Brick that is


Volume of Brick = length x Width x Thickness


                            = 9’’ x 4.5 ‘’ x 3 ‘’


But we not need only this brick volume




we need Brick volume with mortar.


 Bricks in 1 Cubic Feet
Bricks in 1 Cubic Feet


So, Volume of brick with mortar = length ( with Mortar ) x Width( with Mortar )  x Thickness( with Mortar ).


So, Because thickness of mortar is 0.08 inch.


Then,length of Brick will be


= 9’’ +_ 0.08 ‘’ = 9.08’’


Same as width = 4.5’’ + 0.08 “ = 4.58 ‘’


Same as thickness = 3 ‘’ + 0.08 ‘’ = 3.08 ‘’


So, The Volume Of Brick  = 9.08‘’ x 4.58’’ x 3.08’’


                                            =  128 inch cube.


Because we calculate our quantity in cubic feet so first convert the volume of brick in cubic feet.

Or As you know


1 feet = 12’’


So when you divide the volume of brick by 3 times of 12’’ it comes in cubic feet.


Because our 12’’ is equal to 1 feet

So ,

                                          = 128’’/12 x 12 x 12


So, Volume of Brick       = 0.074 cubic feet.



Numbers of Bricks in 1 Cubic feet  =  Volume of 1 Cubic Feet ( which we have to prove)/Volume of brick with mortar


                                         = 1/0.074


                                          = 13.5 Bricks


Hence,It is prove that 13.5 Bricks in 1 Cubic Feet will consume.


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