Interview Question for Highway Engineering

Interview Question for Highway Engineering
Interview Question for Highway Engineering


< strong>13 Common Interview Question for Highway Engineering –

The questions that I am going to tell you today are definitely asked in every type of interview. But when these questions are asked suddenly, 99% of the people fail to answer them. Because these questions are directly related to you, then you are not able to immediately decide the answer in the interview, what to answer now?


So, don’t worry, today I will give you the best possible answers to these common questions. If you remember them or take an idea from them, to prepare your answer,


13 Common Interview Question for Highway Engineers


No. 1– What is the crust thickness of pavement in your project?




i). GSB – 250mm.

ii). CTB – 200mm.

iii). WMM – 100mm. (crack relief layer)

iv). DBM – 50mm.

v). BC – 50mm.


For Service road -330mm


CTGSB – 180mm, WMM – 100mm & BC – 50mm.


No. 2– How much quantity of earthwork, GSB, WMM & bituminous is there in your project?


i). Earthwork – 3,00,0000m3.

ii). GSB – 2,00,000m3.

iii). CTB – 1,70,000m3.

iv). WMM – 1,00000m3.

v). DBM & BC – 1,40,000m3.


No. 3– How much Staff is working under you? Draw the organization chart & show your position?


4 staff is working under me.


No. 4– Who is your consultant/IE?


The name of the consultant is Mr. XYZ and IE is mr.ABC.


No. 5– What is the name of your IE team leader?



The name of the consultant is Mr. XYZ.


No. 6– What do you know about this company?


As being an experienced candidate in this sector, I have heard a lot About your organization. Your organization name & prestige is what drove me here to apply for the position when your job vacancy was posted on your site. I know that your company has been in business for over XYZ years with an excellent reputation. In successful completion of highway projects. Your company is providing good opportunities to new coming members. So, I am sitting in front of you.


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No.7 –  Please draw the X- section of the pavements?


Interview Question for Highway Engineering
Interview Question for Highway Engineering


No. 8– What is your weakness?


i). The first is my inability to share responsibilities.


ii). I lose my patience when I suspect that the other person is not doing it right. I have discussed these weaknesses with my supervisor as areas I would like to improve.


iii). The third is I easily trust everyone.


No. 9– Why you want to leave your present company?


i). I would really love to be part of your project from beginning to end, and I know I would have that opportunity here.


ii). In my current role, I have learned many new skills. I am looking for a position in which I can continue to grow that skill set in new circumstances.


iii). I have learned a lot in my current role, but I am looking for an opportunity that provides more challenges as I continue developing my skills and ability.


No. 10–  Tell me your 5 strong points?


i). Flexibility to handle any situation.


ii). Good communication.


iii). Work under pressure.


iv). Dedication.




No. 11–  Tell me your achievements in your career?


i). Reorganized something to make it work better.


ii). Identified a problem & solved it.


iii). Come up with new ideas & improved things.


iv). Developed & implemented new procedures or systems.


v). Worked on special projects.


vi). Received awards/certificates.


No. 12–  What are your salary expectations?


This is your most important negotiation, Never lie about what you currently make, but feel free to include the estimated cost of all your fringes, which could well tack on 25 to 30% more to your present salary.


No. 13–  How much time you required to join?


Always says one month but handle this situation vary calmly. If you are ideal & have no job, can say within 7 days.



I earnestly hope that this humble Interview Question & answer has been both meaningful and useful to you.

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