Construction Materials Latest Rates In 2021


After lockdown Construction materials Latest Rates In 2021 – If you are going to start building a house So to make your budget, it is very important to know that what is the rate of construction materials in today’s time. So I have tried to give today’s update of all the construction materials here in 2021.

I hope that it will definitely be useful for you



Now if you want, you can also watch this video of the building construction materials rate in 2021. In this, we have discussed today’s rate of every construction material in detail.


Construction Materials Latest Price In 2021 after lockdown


1). Cement  


Construction Materials Latest Rates In 2021


i). JK SUPER Cement ranges from – Rs.320 to Rs.358/-Bag


ii). ULTRA-TECH Cement ranges from – Rs.360 to Rs.435/-Bag


iii). AMBUJA Cement ranges from – Rs.330 to Rs.410/-Bag


iv). DALMIA Cement ranges from – Rs.345 to Rs.380/-Bag


v).  JAYPEE Cement ranges from – Rs.316 to Rs.321/-Bag


vi). ACC Cement ranges from – Rs.358 to Rs.378/-Bag


vii). BIRLA A1 Cement ranges from – Rs.340 to Rs.360/-Bag



viii). JK LAKSHMI Cement ranges from – Rs.355 to Rs.410/-Bag


ix). CHETTINAD Cement ranges from – Rs.330 to Rs.400/-Bag


xi). PENNA Cement ranges from – Rs.325 to Rs.360/-Bag


xii). ZUARI Cement ranges from – Rs.330 to Rs.400/-Bag


xiii). RAMCO Cement ranges from – Rs.360 to Rs.400/-Bag


ix). JK White Cement ranges from – Rs.850 to Rs.870/-Bag


2). Cement Grade 



i). OPC Cement 43 Grade ranges from – Rs.350 to Rs.390/-


ii). OPC Cement 53 Grade ranges from – Rs.410 to Rs.435/-


iii). PPC Cement Grade ranges from – Rs.316 to Rs.330/- 


3). Sand ( Fine Aggregates)  


 Construction Materials Latest Rates In 2021
Construction Materials Latest Rates In 2021


i). River Sand ranges from – Rs.1500 to Rs.3200/-ton


ii). Quarry Dust ranges from – Rs.750 to Rs.850/-ton


iii). Concrete M Sand ranges from – Rs.850 to Rs.920/-ton



You must watch this video. Here I have given a detailed comparison between crushed sand and river sand and also told which sand is best for house construction.


iv). Plaster M Sand ranges from – Rs.1300 to Rs.1400/-ton


v). Masonry M Sand ranges from – Rs.750 to Rs.950/-ton


vi). Gravel Filling Sand ranges from – Rs.10/-CFT


vii). Crushing Sand ranges from – Rs.35 to Rs.40/-CFT


4). Aggregates ( Coarse Aggregates)  


i). 10mm – Rs.68 to Rs.78/-CFT or Rs.625 to Rs.800/-tone


ii). 12mm – Rs.68 to Rs.78/-CFT or Rs.625 to Rs.800/-tone


Construction Materials Latest Market Rates In 2021


iii). 20mm –

Rs.68 to Rs.78/-CFT or Rs.625 to Rs.800/-tone


iv). 40mm – Rs.68 to Rs.78/-CFT or Rs.625 to Rs.800/-tone


5). Steel (MS Bar) 


i). Kamdhenu Steel – Rs.42 to Rs.51/-Kg or Rs.42000 to Rs.51000/-MT


ii). Vizag Steel – Rs.56 to Rs.58/-Kg or Rs.56000 to Rs.58000/-MT


iii). SAIL Steel – Rs.53 to Rs.58/-Kg or Rs.53000 to Rs.58000/-MT


Construction Materials Latest Market Rates In 2021


iv). Indus Steel – Rs.55 to Rs.58/-Kg or Rs.55000 to Rs.58000/-MT


v). Agni Steel – Rs.58 to Rs.65/-Kg or Rs.58000 to Rs.65000/-MT


vi). SUNVIK Steel – Rs.49 to Rs.55/-Kg or Rs.49000 to Rs.55000/-MT



vii). TATA Steel – Rs.50 to Rs.53/-Kg or Rs.50000 to Rs.53000/-MT


viii). JINDAL Steel – Rs.42.5 to Rs.54/-Kg or Rs.42500 to Rs.54000/-MT


6). Bricks


i). RED BRICKS – Rs.5 to Rs.8/-bricks


a). 4” Bricks – Rs.5.5 to Rs.6/-bricks


b). 6” Bricks – Rs.7 to Rs.8/-bricks



ii). FLY ASH BRICKS – Rs.6 to Rs.8/-bricks


a). 4” Bricks – Rs.6.5 to Rs.7/-bricks


b). 6” Bricks – Rs.7.5 to Rs.8/-bricks




i). (600x200x 75mm) – Rs.34 to Rs.37/-blocks


ii). (600x200x100mm) – Rs.42 to Rs.45/-blocks


iii). (600x200x125mm) – Rs.44 to Rs.47/-blocks



iv). (600x200x150mm) – Rs.52 to Rs.55/-blocks


v). (600x200x175mm) – Rs.72 to Rs.75/-blocks


vi). (600x200x200mm) – Rs.77 to Rs.80/-blocks


vii). (600x200x230mm) – Rs.94 to Rs.97/-blocks


viii). (600x200x250mm) – Rs.106 to Rs.110/-blocks


ix).   (600x200x300mm) – Rs.125 to Rs.130/-blocks


x). Solid Concrete Blocks – Rs.30/-blocks


xi). Hollow Concrete Blocks – Rs.20/-blocks




i). M15 – Rs.3800 to Rs.3900/-cum


ii). M20 – Rs.3900 to Rs.4200/-cum


iii). M25 – Rs.4200 to Rs.4350/-cum



iv). M30 – Rs.4500 to Rs.4800/-cum


v). M35 – Rs.4800 to Rs.5100/-cum


9). TILES  


i). Dado wall Tiles (200 x 300mm) – Rs.18 to Rs.20/-Pcs.


ii). Floor Tiles (300 x 300mm) – Rs.20 to Rs.35/-Pcs.


iii). Floor Tiles (600 x 600mm) – Rs.36 to Rs.40/-Pcs.



iv). Vitrified Tiles (600 x 600mm) – Rs.60 to Rs.80/-sqft.


v). Ceramic Tiles – Rs.25 to Rs.80/-sqft.


vi). Laminated wooden floor – Rs.80 to Rs.140/-sqft.


vii). Cement Tiles (300 x 300mm) – Rs.20 to Rs.24/-sqft.


viii). Paver Block (60mm thick) – Rs.30 to Rs.36/-sqft.


10). Marbles  


i). Amba White Marble – Rs.160 to Rs.185/-sqft.


ii). Green Marble – Rs.75 to Rs.95/-sqft.


iii). Tandoor Marble – Rs.35 to Rs.40/-sqft.



iv). Kadapa Marble – Rs.40 to Rs.48/-sqft.


v). Italian Marble – Rs.290 to Rs.560/-sqft.


vi). Shahabad Marble – Rs.20 to Rs.25/-sqft.


vii). Kota Stone – Rs.45 to Rs.49/-sqft.


viii). Black Granite – Rs.190 to Rs.350/-sqft.


11). Glass  


i). Window Glass – Rs.32 to Rs.50/-sqft.


ii). 5mm Plane Glass – Rs.60 to Rs.85/-sqft.


iii). 6mm Plane Glass – Rs.85 to Rs.95/-sqft.


iv). 8mm Plane Glass – Rs111 to Rs.120/-sqft.


v). 5mm Paint Glass

– Rs50 to Rs.60/-sqft.


vi). 10mm toughened Glass – Rs105 to Rs.120/-sqft.



vii). Laminated toughened Glass – Rs200 to Rs.700/-sqft.


viii). Frosted Toughened Glass – Rs200 to Rs.800/-sqft.


ix). Tinted toughened Glass – Rs150 to Rs.700/-sqft.


12). Wood  


i).  Teak Wood – Rs.7800/-Cft.


ii). Sheesham Wood – Rs.1000/-Cft.


iii). Pure Sal Wood – Rs.1750/-Cft.



iv). Deodar Wood – Rs.680/-Cft.


v). Vengai Wood – Rs.7200/-Cft.


13). PLY WOOD  


i). 8′ x 4′ ( 18mm thick) – Rs.2900 to 3400/-pcs.


ii). 8′ x 4′ ( 12mm thick) – Rs.2000 to 2500/-pcs.


iii). 8′ x 4′ ( 9mm thick) – Rs.1700 to 2200/-pcs.


14). PAINT Rs.200 to 435/-ltr.




15). Wall Putty Rs.20 to 30/-Kg



16). White Cement – Rs.400 to 500/-25kg bag


17). POP- Rs.200 to 250/-25kg bag


18). Lime Powder – Rs.10/-Kg


19). Binding Wire – Rs.65 to 70/-Kg


20). Bitumen – Rs.15 to 40/-Kg



21). Door Frame – minimum Rs.1500 to 2200/-Frame


22). Window Frame – minimum Rs.4500 to 6000/-Frame


23). Main Gate – minimum Rs.30000/- 30kg weight (depends on weight)


24). Ceiling Fan – minimum Rs.1350 to 1600/-pcs


25). Exhaust Fan – minimum Rs.800 to 950/-pcs


26). Tube light  


Construction Materials Latest Market Rates In 2021


i). 4 Feet Tube Light – Rs.380 to 420/-pcs.


ii). 2 Feet Tube Light – Rs.280 to 320/-pcs.


27). CPVC Pipe 1.5′ Rs.101 to 140/- 3 mtr.pcs



28). UPVC Pipe 3” – Rs.530 to 800/- 3 mtr.pcs


So, Above all the complete details of every construction material that is used in the construction of your home. I hope  that the information given will be useful for you and will definitely work for you


Happy Learning!




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