Can toilet be built under staircase? – According to Vaastu



Can toilet be built under staircase – According to Vaastu – Yes, toilet can be constructed under the staircase but before Knowing this, You need to know in which direction the toilet should be and in which direction should not be construct.


According to Vaastu Shastra Toilet Best Location 


 Can toilet be built under staircase
Can toilet be built under staircase


1). According  to Vaastu Shastra, toilets in the house should always be in the south or south west direction.


2). The North- West corner of building is also good for building toilets. You can make toilets here too.


3). According to Vaastu shastra, the North West side of the room is good for attached toilet. You can make attached toilet on North West side of the room.


Can toilet be built under staircase


4). Your toilet gutter should be in the West or North direction of your house.  


5). Toilet windows and doors can be in any direction except in the south direction.



6). Get seat or commode in the toilet in this way, when you sit in the toilet, your mouth is facing East, because of this, there is no complaint of gas and constipation etc. Instead the person who has to sit facing south and west, may have to suffer from various types of diseases.


Where should not be a Toilet/ Worst Location for Toilet


 Can toilet be built under staircase
Can toilet be built under staircase


The toilet should never be made in the following direction. If we build toilets in these directions, then there will be trouble….


1). Avoid East direction for toilet. Toilets should not be built in the East direction of the house. This will end your social relationships and the family will always feel tired.


2). Toilets should never be built even in the West direction of the house . This will not stop your progress and success path.



Can toilet be built under staircase


3). Always avoid North direction for toilet. Toilet should  not be built in the North direction of the house. This will increase your occupation and employment difficulties and there will also be obstacles in collecting money.


4). The North East direction

for the toilet is also not good. Do not make a toilet in this direction even by mistake Because this the direction of God and Goddesses, and by making toilets in this direction, You become a part of sin. By using this direction, Your immunity power will decrease and the family member will often ill. Always Avoid toilet in North-east.


5). Toilets should not be made in the center of the house because toilets are the source of negative energy which will spread negative energy throughout your house.


6). Kitchen and toilet should never be in front of each other.



7). There should be no toilet or bathroom in front of main gate. This is inauspicious. this deteriorates health and wealth.


8). Even if there is a staircase in these direction, you can not make a toilet here according to Vaastu Shastra.


Let us now know whether to build a toilet under the stairs. According  to Vaastu is this correct?


Can toilet be built under staircase – According to Vaastu


This is a common confusion  of many people. I have heard this often. Many Vaastu Shastra experts claim that toilets under the stairs are inauspicious. Due to which the energy level of your body is always low. Along with this , some experts also say that if a toilet will be made under the slope of the staircase, then according to Vaastu, there can be diseases of piles in the family.


But after reading many Vaastu Shastra books and doing research, I came to know this that according to Vaastu Shastra there is no such rule that you can not build a toilet under the staircase. Just the toilet should be according to the rules and direction of Vaastu Shastra. For example, you can place the toilet under the staircase but in Center West direction.



Along with this, while constructing toilets, you also have to keep in mind that the Commode, Shower, Mirror, color or paints of toilets and washbasin are also according to the rules of Vaastu Shastra



Yes, there is a functional difficulty in building toilets under the staircase. Because there is little space left under the staircase. There is a kind of funny strange triangle. That’s why it is a little difficult to keep its headspace high and it is also very important to maintain it completely. Personally, I have seen  a lot of toilets built under the staircase, If they not maintained properly, they become the center of dirt. So, It require a good and brilliant planning for maintenance. Along with this, one has to remain ready to face some problems.


So Friends, You can make a toilet under the staircase. It should be in the right direction according to Vaastu.

So, if you have a shortage of space, then utilizing the space under the stairs is a best option by creating a toilet or bathroom there. Because anyway we have to plan the correct direction and ventilation of the toilet. Because the toilet is a source of negative energy, that’s why the Location and position of toilet  should be considered according to Vaastu.




The final conclusion is that, As long as the position and location of the staircase is according to Vaastu, There is no harm to build a toilet under the staircase.



I earnestly hope that this humble answer has been both meaningful and useful to you.


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