500sqft House Construction Cost in 2021


500 Sqft House Construction Cost in 2021


 500sqft House Construction Cost
500sqft House Construction Cost


500sqft House Construction Cost – Generally, there are three types of house construction:-


Class A


B Class


Class C


A  Class Building


Class A buildings also are well located, have good access, and are professionally managed. It’s per square feet cost in 2021 is approx. 1600 – 2500/-sqft.


Class B type construction is general construction for all medium class people. It’s per square feet cost in 2021 is approx. 1100 – 1500/-Sqft.


Class C type construction is Low-grade type construction. It’s per square feet cost in 2021 is approx. 750 – 900/-Sqft.



Total Plot Area – 800Sqft


Built-up Area – 500Sqft


Contractor Rate Per Sqft


Ground Floor – 230/-sqft


Rate of Per Sqft = 1100 – 1500 sqft (Class B type construction )



Suppose We consider Average Rate – Rs.1300Sqft


Total Cost of 500 Sqft house with finishing – 500 x 1300 = Rs. 650,000/- including labor


Labor cost = 25% of Total Construction Cost


= 650000 x 25% = Rs. 1,62,500/-


Materials cost = 75% of total construction cost


= 6,50,000 x 75% = Rs.4,87,500/- 


Bar Bending Schedule Basics: Especially for Freshers Civil Engineers

Estimated Quantity of materials for Ground Floor with Labor





Items including labor


Quantity Of


Rate of items/Materials



Percentage of

i). Cement  212 400/- Rs.84,500/- 13%
ii). Steel 1515 60/- Rs.91,000/- 14%
iii). Sand 1300 40/- Rs.52,000/- 8%
iv). Gravel 345 75/- Rs.26,000/- 4%
v). Bricks 8125 8/- Rs.65,000/- 10%
vi). Paint, tiles, wood, plumbing, Sanitary, Electrical, etc. Rs.1,49,500/- 23%
vii). Extra Rs.19,500/- 3%
  Total Rs.6,50,000/-  


This is the approximately 500 Sqft House Construction Cost. I hope this information can be useful for you guys.

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